Galley Hill Veterinary Surgery supply a variety of Virbac cat and dog dry food. VIRBAC VETERINARY HPM food, thanks to its low-carb, high-protein nutritional profile and carefully selected dietary supplements; VETERINARY HPM™ is more than just a dog and cat food. VETERINARY HPM™ provides expertly tailored nutrition for the specific health challenges at each stage of your pet's life, helping to keep them in optimal health.

Each VETERINARY HPM™ product has a different ‘Global Preventive Profile’ adapted to the specific condition (neutered or entire), age and lifestyle of your pet.

Galley Hill also stock a few NutraVet products which are only sold exclusively to Authorised Veterinary Practices.

Their products support animal welfare by offering high quality, pharmaceutical grade products made from natural ingredients. Their products are natural and environmentally friendly, while focusing on developing quality market-leading products. 

We currently stock:

- Nutraquin


(This is for both equine and small animals)