Stephen Posnett

Principal Veterinary Surgeon

I am wholly committed to my work as a veterinary surgeon, a way of life that makes demands around the clock. I have a genuine and sentimental concern for the welfare of animals.

As a medical biochemist in South Africa, a “lab rat” myself, I researched the livers of donor Cape Chacma baboons. These aggressive, largest and heaviest dark brown baboons, were caged in animal houses on the roof of a building, instead of being free on the slopes of the mountains. This was disheartening to me and resolved to change my career, qualifying as a veterinary surgeon and moving to England in 1990.

I am one of only 8 veterinary surgeons in the UK to hold the MSc degree in Veterinary General Practice and recognise that as a veterinary surgeon, I provide personal, comprehensive primary and continuing veterinary care to animals and arrange for other professionals to provide services when necessary.


Someone once said to me: ‘I don’t care what you know until I know you care’ and I believe that principle is vital in creating good relations with our clients.

I am driven to help preserve endangered wildlife species and tackle the demand particularly for poached rhino horn.